What is the classroom?

The classroom is where you and others, including your speech therapist, will meet to begin your session.

At the start of your session, you will see a few items in the classroom. You will see a room and two people sitting at a table. These two people represent you and your Speech Therapist. You are shown as the child and the Speech Therapist as the adult.

Communicating With Your Cursor

Every person who is in the session will have a different colored "hand" cursor. You can see which color is yours by seeing the unique hand icon attached to your video window. For example: if the icon attached to your window shows a blue hand, yours is the blue hand cursor. In the classroom, you can move and point with your cursor. Later in the session, you'll be able to click on things, move things, draw and interact by using your cursor!

Communicating Through Live Video and Audio

Through your live video and the live video of your Speech Therapist, you will be able to see, hear and talk with each other. The live videos are shown in "windows" that float over the classroom. You can move these video windows around the screen whenever you like by clicking and dragging them, and you can and change the size of them by dragging the corners of the windows.

Communicating Through Chat Messaging

You can also communicate with each other by sending each other Chat messages. The "chatbox" is at the bottom of the screen. To send a message to your Speech Therapist, just click in the chatbox, type your message, and press enter to send it. You will see both your messages and your Speech Therapist's messages in the chatbox.

When both you and your Speech Therapist are ready to start the activities planned for your session, your Speech Therapist will have you leave the classroom and go to the Activity Map.

Next, let's learn about the Activity Map.

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