What is the activity map?

The Activity Map is your Speech Therapy home. For each session, the map shows an island with individual activities on it. These are the activities your Speech Therapist has prepared for your session. The activities are always fully interactive, and include games, drawing, and watching videos. Over time, more activity options will be added!

What can I do on the Map?

The map is where you and your Speech Therapist will choose and play activities from. You will be able to do the things you did in the classroom:

  • See, hear and talk with each other

  • Move and point with your cursor

  • Move and change the size of the video windows

  • Type Chat messages to each other in the chatbox

Once in an activity, you'll be able to click on things, move things, draw and interact by using your cursor!

If you need to review the things you can do, please go to "Meeting In The Classroom"

Next, let's learn about the individual Activities.

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