Spot the Match

In this matching game, your job is to make matches. That sounds easy to understand, and it is. And while you're making matches, your Speech Therapist will be challenging you to develop and improve your communication and interaction skills! At the end of the activity, you may earn rewards too!

Just like in the Classroom, the Activity Map, and other activities, you can:

  • See, hear and talk with each other

  • Move and point with your cursor

  • Move and change the size of the video windows

  • Type Chat messages to each other in the chatbox

To play the game:

  • Two groups of items are shown on the screen, divided by a line

  • Make matches by dragging an item from the right side of the screen to its match on the left.

  • If you make a mistake, you can try again, or your Speech Therapist can help out. If you're correct, you'll see great big sparkles!

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