How do I view a Client's information?

While in the "People" tab, you can view every patient in your organization by opening the "Clients" list. From here, you can see the patients' names and ages. Click on a Client to take a closer look.

Basic Info and the Profile

Once you select a Client, You will see that person's case file. At the top of the case file, you can see some basic information. For example, you can view the date of their last appointment as well as the date of their next appointment, if there is one scheduled. Additional information can be seen in the "Profile" tab. The functionality for this tab is coming soon!

Diagnosis & Treatment

Click on the "Diagnosis & Treatment" tab to see documents related to that person's diagnosis and treatment. There, you can add and manage documents, video files, audio files, and other files that help to document that Client's diagnosis and treatment plan. The functionality for this tab is coming soon!


Click on the "Notes" tab to see and add case file notes. You can save notes for the Client by typing in the white text entry box. Categorize each note by topics with the drop down menus, and press enter/return to save the note The notes in the notes tab are separate from notes taken during a session. Notes can be exported into a text file using the export button in the top right corner.


Click on the "Sessions" tab to see information about every session that has been scheduled for this Client, sorted by date. From here, you can review details of the session, like the activities planned and notes written during individual sessions.

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